2016 Edition – London, UK

5th Year Anniversary event!!

THEME: The African Market

September 8th at the Richmix, East London,


Our Scope: 

This season we will be discussing how Africa is rising and interest is growing within the continent as a market of its own. ‘The African Market’ is the theme of the conference and we will join together to share and investigate the growth of the African retail stratosphere, e-commerce, the consumer market and why you should be an early adopter, the actual African market formal versus the informal markets, the culture of African consumers and style, tailor relationship versus fast fashion, the young population and the move from the rural to the city areas, African Fashion Manufacturing, Ethiopia as a hot topic for manufacturing, trends in African fashion on and off the continent and link all these to movements in technology, agriculture, sustainability, communication and more.

Our Strategy: 

The seminar event will act as a means to discuss and promote the full supply chain of African Fashion Design, Textiles, and Manufacturing and thus communicate this to a larger, global audience through media.

The event will be centred around the areas of these sub-topics Sustainability, African Fashion Manufacturing, Africa’s Retail Market, The Growth of the African Designer market, Africa as New Luxury.

Our Social Aims and Objectives: 

‘Fashion Africa’ Conference and Seminars were created to be a catalyst in the industry to help change perceptions of the fashion and textile industry in Africa and to ask those in Africa working in garment design and textile manufacturing what THEY think and need and so aim to keep these discussions ongoing in different locations annually where international industry leaders can connect, do business and initiate change.

The 2016 Fashion Africa Conference will act as a revolutionary vehicle to create a social forum for all those attending to talk openly and share ideas, information and expertise, to raise awareness and elevate the perception of design from the African continent.

Our Solution: 

This event is a must attend event where there will be a mix of press, brands and industry influencers and insiders with a mutual involvement and/or vested interest in elevating African trade, design and production, and who want to be part of the wider solution to raise Africa as a trailblazer in quality design and production.





Time: 10.00-12.30pm

Room Location: Conference Room


Andrea Bury – Abury

Erica de Greef – Cape Town Uni/LISOF – tbc

Jo Maiden – SOKO

Madeleine Rosberg – Responsify

Mark Stephenson – Sandstorm Kenya

Nicola Cooper – Nicola Cooper Associates – Trend Analyst

Pamela Samasuwo-Nyawiri – Vanhuvamwe

Prama Bhardwaj – Mantisworld

Sean Obedih – NewGen Angels



An African Revolution – Fashion Made in Africa


Morning full of short, bite-size TedX style talks covering manufacture, ethical sourcing, retail shopping market, trends, consumer market, African textiles, African cotton, but all falling under the main topic and conference theme being ‘The African Market’.

Each speaker will celebrate the revival happening in Africa and present a speech related to their area within the African fashion and textiles supply chain.





Time: 1.45-2.30pm

Room Location: Conference Room


– Anoushka Bhoodna – Consultant

– Claire Lynch – Proudly Made in Africa

– Christina Bredehorst – Cotton Made in Africa

– Simon Ferrigno – Cotton Specialist

– Teleica Kirkland – Costume Institute of the African Diaspora


MODERATOR – Tamsin Lejeune – Ethical Fashion Forum


The New African Fashion Market – Designers, Fashion Shows, Media and Retail


This panel will look how far Africa has come in order to look forward – focus is on production, sustainability and the African fashion message of value.





Time: 2.35-3.20pm

Room Location: Conference Room


– Chayet Chienen – Nothing but the Wax

– Cynthia Tabe – Mode Maison PR

– Daphne Kasambala – Sapelle

– Laduma Ngxokolo – Maxhosa
MODERATOR – Yemisi Mokuolu – Hatch Africa


Africa is Open for Business – Africa as a Source for New Business


This panel will look at the message we are getting from Africa today. With focus on the African consumer, the retail stratosphere – standalone stores, pop ups to online retailing and ecommerce and the role of design within this. We will also discuss how African fashion is marketed and promoted in the global social networks.





Time: 3.25-4.10pm

Room Location: Conference Room


Daniele Tamagni – Photographer / Author

Keren Long – Ethical Apparel Africa

Liesl Truscott – Textile Exchange

Louisa Kiwana – Afroblush / Market Research Specialist & Consultant

WGSN – tbc


MODERATOR – Annegret Affolderbach – Choolips


Textile Futures – Africa’s Cotton, Leather and Textile Industry Opportunities


This panel will at where things are going in African fashion – from trends, textile technology, to entrepreneurship, manufacturing options and production business parks to streetstyle, arts and the marketplace as a whole. How the African market appeals more and more to investors abroad for new business ventures. Africa is also an opportunity for existing businesses abroad to open up similar businesses there. Media and researchers are also recognising this and we discuss what angle they are taking and the opportunity Africa has to offer.

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